Illustrating a Friendship, a film intro.

Illustration is a great way to visualise ideas without using words. For a student film project I was asked to illustrate the friendship between the two main characters to build a backstory of how the girls grew up together. To be used as an introduction to the film. The film was a project by Maarten Jong and Berend Teunissen (intro …

New book with my illustrations coming out next week!

Recently I illustrated a book with short stories for small children. Written by Ron Jansen and published by Uitgeverij Nieuwe Druk. Now it’s finally coming out! Next week, the 28th of November is the official book presentation. Find out more information on the website of the publisher: Nieuwe Druk.

Illustrator lessons at Volksuniversiteit

This winter I’ll be teaching a course in Adobe Illustrator at the Volksuniversiteit Arnhem. You can check out the program here. The course will consist of six classes of 2,5 hours. We’ll be covering Illustrator basics and you will be making your own poster! Class runs from December 1 until the 2nd of February on Tuesday nights.

A Peek Inside My Travel Sketchbook

As some of you may know I am at the moment in America for two months. Visiting family and seeing the country. Of course drawing never stops, my sketchbook came with me. Actually a new one for the occasion, a pocket moleskine sketchbook. Everyday I draw something that caught my attention that day. This is a nice memory of all …