monster in supermarket shopping

A digital experiment

I love working in ink and watercolour. I love working on paper. I love how it sometimes doesn’t turn out quite like you expected. Working digitally takes some of the spontaneity out of my drawings. Thats why I normally only use Photoshop to enhance or adjust illustrations I made on paper. I would like to get better at drawing digitally. …

New work in my portfolio

I added some new work to my portfolio today, like this watercolour image above. I made the sketch about six months ago and finally got round to working it out to this final image. When you click on this article you can find the original sketch, a work in progress shot and the final image.

life drawing sketches made by Renske de Kinkelder

Life Drawing

A quick peek at some of today’s sketches made with my life drawing group. Made with brush, indian ink and an ink wash.

New book with my illustrations coming out next week!

Recently I illustrated a book with short stories for small children. Written by Ron Jansen and published by Uitgeverij Nieuwe Druk. Now it’s finally coming out! Next week, the 28th of November is the official book presentation. Find out more information on the website of the publisher: Nieuwe Druk.

97 days of drawing

This last June and July I’ve spend travelling in the US. A great experience, and it was nice to take such a long break. Expending your horizons can be so refreshing. While some things are similar there’s lots of new things to discover. On the first day there I started to sketch something from my day, like a visual diary. …

Illustration Friday topic ‘WORK’

Meet ‘The Turtlewaxer’. I know, I know they are tortoises, but somehow ‘The Tortoisewaxer’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. I made this illustration for IllustrationFriday’s topic of this week: ‘WORK’. Thinking of odd things to do for a living and remembering the Turtle Wax for washing cars. I always wondered what it had to do with turtles? This …

Adobe Certified Expert

It’s been a while, fell of the blog bandwagon…oops! So what have I been up to in the meantime? I decided to go for two Adobe Exams to get my certificates for Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. I passed the last one just this monday. Now I’m officially an Adobe Certified Expert 🙂 What motivated my decision to get certified …